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    CLASSIC SLICE 2797 South Kinnickinnic Avenue Bay View, WI

    Since childhood Classic Slice has been a fun and enjoyable place to eat. The most obvious reason I go there is for the amazing pizza. I had a simple sausage pizza that was delicious. Classic Slice has many specialty pizzas that I was not brave enough to try. This slice of pizza is huge and all of their slices look just like this! When you first look at it you wonder how anyone could eat it all and then when you try it you find out how. Many people go for the pizza but the atmosphere does the pizza justice also. It’s a chill place where they have old board games to play while you wait (although the wait is never long enough to get through an entire game). This time when I went it was a little more crowded than usual. There was a pizza tour bus that came.. If my testimony doesn’t prove that you should try this pizza than trust the pizza tour bus. Classic Slice has lots of pizza and other treats as well like the mac and cheese balls I also tried. They weren’t my favorite next time I would go with the breadsticks I enjoy. 

    Rate: 9/10

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  • Just made a Facebook page for Never Idle MKE! I don’t expect this page to take off into the stars but who cares

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    July 6, 2014

    On East Center Street


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  • This is pretty exciting! Most people probably don’t know (or care) how their coffee is processed, and how it affects taste. Now it’s made pretty clear! This is where Stone Creek has a leg up, in that they actually make an effort to educate people on what they are drinking.

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  • Bonobo/Odesza Wed. July 9th

    Anyone going to see Bonobo and Odesza at Turner hall on Wed. July 9th?

    Ridiculously excited.

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  • A thing of the past still in the present

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    But lets ban guns.

    The perfect example of self defense with a gun.

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